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These are examples of what I can design for you. I can personalize with names, dates, initials, etc.  

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Wood-burned Buddhist lotus plaque with eight rose quartz crystals inlaid. Accented with hand-embossed metal with "Om mani padmi hum" written in Sanskrit. Burned into a 11" x 14" basswood plaque




Wood-burned mandala with clear quartz crystal inlaid.

Approx. 8 ½” x 3/4" pine plaque


Lotus & Hematite

Wood-Burned Lotus. 

Sealed in a triple poly-cryptic 

Approx. 8 1/2”x3/4” thick, on pine plaque.


Wood-burned Mandala of a Celtic Knot, Clear Quartz Crystal point center surrounded by 7 polished Rose Quartz Crystals, Blonde bronze edges, antique daisy studs and sealed with Poly-Crylic. 8 1/2" round x 3/4" thick.





Good Health Mandala.

Wood burned detailed meditative Good Health Mandala.

sold but I can reproduce unique for you.

Wood-burned Lotus Blossom with Om symbol center with copper accents. Liquid copper painted edges with bronze studs triple sealed and polycrylic.

sold, but I can recreate a unique piece of same design for you.

Yin Yang Symbol Meanings

In a nutshell, Chinese Yin Yang symbols represent perfect balance. Seemingly, the whole of Chinese philosophy stems from the concept of Yin and Yang - opposites interacting and supposedly the seed of all things. For example, evil results from an imbalance in Yin and Yang, and good comes from the two being in harmonic balance.


Wood-burned lotus blossom with citrine quartz crystal clusters center surrounded by tumbled aventurine. With Bronze studs and copper accents. The edge is painted in a liquid copper metallic paint. Triple sealed in poly-crylic. Appr. 8”



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