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The Term Means:

 "writing with fire", from the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing).



Since the dawn of recorded history, the art and craft of  pyrography  has been practiced by artists of various cultures including the Egyptians and some African tribes .It was also known in China from the time of the Han dynasty.

The Victorian Era sparked a widespread interest in the craft.

Pyrography is a traditional folk art in many parts of Europe as well as

 Argentina and other areas in South America.

 The technique that the artist employs must be used carefully, as images burned into the wood or leather cannot be erased. 





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At The Burn Shop...

In the beginning of the wood burning process each piece of wood is selected and is then sanded by hand. Even the direction of the grain is taken into consideration when I begin the burning process. My works are hand burned, not lasered or computerized. Burned into the wood with a wicked hot soldering iron type burner.
After the burning process, often times the painting process will begin on the edges of certain pieces. I use two coats of primer and then three coats of a selected paint. At the end I apply three coats of clear poly-crylic to seal each piece.

Metal embossing.
I emboss metal by hand and I do not use a machine. I'm not saying that I wouldn't use one. I have just never used one at this point.

Even a small piece can take hours to complete. Once it is done I then fill the back with wood putty. This way when it hardens it protects the metal artwork on the front side. I then nail or epoxy (or both) the metal to the artwork.


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